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Radar PPV – Resumo das promoções de acúmulo e transferência de pontos do dia 11 de março de 2024
Bem-vindos a primeira edição do Radar PPV da semana. A semana começou com o pé direito, tivemos diversas novidades que agitaram o front do acúmulo de pontos e milhas. Além disso, hoje o Pontos pra Voar completa 3 anos de existência e tivemos algumas campanhas exclusivas. Deixo aqui o meu...
Pontos pra Voar
Hoje é dia de 10:1! Veja 50 promoções oferecendo até 10 pontos Livelo por real gasto – Incluindo Casas Bahia
A edição de março da campanha 10:1 da Livelo já está no ar. Neste artigo, trazemos 50 campanhas oferecendo até 10 pontos por real gasto em compras online, incluindo Casas Bahia. Confira os principais detalhes abaixo. Note que todas as promoções, a não ser que tenha alguma indicação, são válidas apenas hoje,...
Pontos pra Voar
PPV 3 anos exclusivo – Resgate ingressos para o show do Andrea Bocelli por apenas 50 mil pontos Azul
Em comemoração aos 3 anos do Pontos pra Voar, a Azul está com uma nova campanha junto a Easy Live, onde oferecem aos seus associados a oportunidade de regatar um ingresso no show do Andrea Bocelli por 50 mil pontos. Aproveite, pois estoque é limitado. Azul e Easy Live Conforme...
Pontos pra Voar
Semana do Consumidor Accor: Reserve hotéis em São Paulo com piscina e diárias a partir de R$ 246
Confira neste artigo algumas sugestões de hotéis da rede Accor na cidade de São Paulo que dispões de piscina participantes da campanha da Semana do Consumidor e que tem diárias a partir de R$ 246 para hospedagens nos próximos meses. Veja os principais detalhes a seguir. Reservas Semana do Consumidor Siga...
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Which award search tool is best?
This post has been largely re-written since last publication. I’ve added new tools, separated free tools from paid tools, and changed how I summarize each tool’s loyalty program coverage. For the latter, rather than simply listing the total number of covered programs, I now spell out which US programs and...
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5 Reasons Why All Toll Agencies Should Accept Credit Cards
The proceeds from the collection of money from tolls are used to supplement the costs of maintaining highways, bridges, and tunnels. Fewer toll agencies are accepting cash as they abandon that form of payment in favor of electronic tolls. 5 reasons why all toll agencies should accept credit cards are...
The Bulkhead Seat
Boeing Whistleblower Found Dead in Apparent Suicide
A 62-year-old, former Boeing employee who raised concerns around production standards was found dead… The post Boeing Whistleblower Found Dead in Apparent Suicide appeared first on The Bulkhead Seat.
LATAM: 50 injured when flight ‘drops’ between Sydney and Auckland
The pilot of a LATAM flight between Sydney and Auckland told passengers that the plane “dropped out of the sky”. About two hours into the flight, all the cockpit gauges went blank. Fifty unsecured passengers and crew collided with the ceiling, damaging panels. Others dropped heavily, sustaining many minor injuries....
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Direct link to 200K Business Platinum offer without lifetime language [YMMV]
Update 3/11/24: We’ve received several recemt DP’s of folks being able to successfully apply for this 200K offer that weren’t able to previously. It still does appear to be targeted, and you have to log-in order to apply, but it seems like it might be open to a new round...
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IHG Flash Offer: 3x points + 25% off stays in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific
IHG has a new flash sale offering triple points and up to 25% off stays at their hotels in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. This offer is available for bookings made by 11am AEDT on March 14 for stays until July 31, 2024. Click here for more details...
Paddle Your Own Kanoo
Witnesses Describe Horrific Scene With ‘Blood Everywhere’ as Man Repeatedly Stabs Seatmate With Homemade Shank On Alaska Airlines Flight to Las Vegas
A passenger on an Alaska Airlines flight from Seattle to Las Vegas repeatedly stabbed his seatmate in the face with a homemade shank in a horrific attempt to kill him, according to recently released court documents. Julio Alvarez Lopez has been indicted with assault with a dangerous weapon following a...
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There’s Value In Qantas’ Frequent Flyer Program Once You Know Where To Look
We’ve only been on two Qantas flights during our trip to Australia with Adventures by Disney in 2014. I didn’t have a Qantas account at the time. However, I did…
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New Alaska Award Charts Are Going Live…Slowly
Update 3/11/24: Alaska’s new award charts are starting to go live today and will be completely implemented by 3/31/24. This week, new award pricing between the United States and Africa/Europe will begin, with the remaining regions coming onboard during the last half of March.  (h/t: OMAAT) ~~~ Alaska Mileage Plan...
{Tech} for Travel
British Airways App and Website Finally Get Some Love
It feels like we've waited forever for this news, but a new British Airways App and website are on the way as part of BA's £7bn modernisation plan. The post British Airways App and Website Finally Get Some Love appeared first on {Tech} for Travel.
View from the Wing
Man Buys $65 Million Skyscraper With A Credit Card, Earns $1.3 Million
At 2 transferrable points per dollar, $65 million would translate to 130,000,000 points. Continue reading Man Buys $65 Million Skyscraper With A Credit Card, Earns $1.3 Million...
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Office Depot/OfficeMax: Buy $300+ Mastercard Gift Cards, Save $15
Office Depot and OfficeMax stores have returned with its profitable gift card deal on Mastercard gift cards through 3/16/24. The Deal Buy $300+ Mastercard gift cards at Office Depot/OfficeMax & get $15 off instantly. Key Terms Valid March 10-16, 2024. Limit 10 per household/business (different stores may try to impose...
Paddle Your Own Kanoo
Scandinavian Airlines SAS Pens Deal With Norwegian Armed Forces to Turn Passenger Planes into ‘Flying Hospitals’ in the Event of War
Scandinavian airline SAS has reached a new deal with the Norwegian Armed Forces for ‘strategic air evacuation’, which would see the carrier quickly convert one of its Airbus A320neo aircraft from a normal passenger plane into a flying hospital in the event of a major catastrophe or the outbreak of...
Points With a Crew
Should you buy Hilton points with (up to) a 100% bonus? (Buy before Tuesday)
Buying points can be a great way to boost your balance, but only if makes sense financially! Does the new Hilton promotion fit that criteria?
Your Mileage May Vary
Things Locals Wish Tourists Knew When They Visit
Wherever you go, you’re going to encounter social norms that are specific to that particular place. Sometimes they’re big things, like how blowing your nose in public in Japan is…
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Another United Flight Forced to Divert Over Mechanical Issue in Sydney
United Airlines has been making lots of news lately and most of it has… The post Another United Flight Forced to Divert Over Mechanical Issue in Sydney appeared first on The Bulkhead Seat.
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Lufthansa Flight From Frankfurt Forced to Make Emergency Diversion After Smoking Coffee Machine Fills Cabin With Fumes
A Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt to Gothenburg, Sweden, was forced to make an emergency diversion on Saturday afternoon when the cabin started to fill with smoke from a coffee machine at the front of the plane that had overheated. Lufthansa flight LH818 was being operated by a 27-year-old Airbus A319,...
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Point.me and Amex partner to allow access to cardholders
Point.me and American Express have launched a new partnership whereby Amex cardholders can now go to point.me/amex and log in with their existing American Express login to access a version of Point.me that is tailored to Amex’s transfer partners. Unfortunately, at the moment, they appear to be experiencing a technical...
Fly & Dine
Hyatt Regency Long Beach Wins for Families
As a parent, you’ll do anything to make your kid’s birthday special. I was shocked, however, to see just how far the Hyatt Regency Long Beach went to make my son’s birthday stay at their property a massive success. For my son’s 4th birthday this year, we gave him a...
Miles To Memories
American Express Partners with Point.me for Award Flight Searches
Today, point.me, a popular travel award search platform, has announced a new partnership with American Express. The post American Express Partners with Point.me for Award Flight Searches appeared first on Miles to Memories.
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Choice Hotels Abandons Hostile Takeover of Wyndham
Choice Hotels abandons its attempted hostile takeover of Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, Incorporated, as the exchange offer to acquire all of the issued and outstanding shares of Wyndham expired on Friday, March 8, 2024. Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, Incorporated rejected an unsolicited takeover bid by Choice Hotels International, Incorporated on... The post...
Live and Let’s Fly
Wow: Another United Airlines Mechanical Incident, This Time A Boeing 777-300ER Diversion In Australia
Last week was simply horrible for United Airlines, with multiple mechanical issues that raised questions about the carrier and its maintenance and also raised safety concerns about Boeing. Today, another incident occurred, this time involving a diversion of a Boeing 777-300ER in Sydney, Australia. United Airlines 777-3ooER Diversion To Sydney...
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Choice Hotels is Abandoning Its Wyndham Takeover Attempt
In October, I wrote about Choice Hotels initiating a hostile takeover. Choice Hotels International… The post Choice Hotels is Abandoning Its Wyndham Takeover Attempt appeared first on The Bulkhead Seat.
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Navigating Rental Car Scams: Strip Mall Guy’s Battle with Avis Over Unfair Charges
When he rented the car he "noticed a huge dent." So he did what many advise and took a photo, and also pointed it out to the rental company staffer. "[H]e noted it." Also what you're supposed to do! Yet a few weeks after the rental, he received...
Pontos pra Voar
Aproveite! Conta Digital Nomad com até US$ 50 de cashback na primeira remessa
Na sua campanha especial em comemoração Semana do Consumidor, a Nomad está oferecendo até US$ 50 de cashback para os clientes que utilizarem o código PPV50 no momento da abertura da conta e realizarem a primeira remessa em até 15 dias. Abaixo, confira os principais detalhes. Como Resgatar seu Benefício...
Pontos pra Voar
Compre pontos Esfera com até 52% de desconto e parcelamento em até 12x – Milheiro a partir de R$33,60
Em comemoração a Semana do Consumidor, a Esfera está oferecendo aos seus clientes até 52% de desconto na compra de pontos, o que faz com o milheiro saia por apenas R$ 33,60. Na sequência, confira os principais detalhes. Desconto O desconto desta promoção está organizado da seguinte maneira: 52% de...
Pontos pra Voar
PPV 3 anos! Assine nossos grupos de Emissões com até 30% de desconto – Apenas R$ 17,99 por mês
Para comemorar o aniversário de três anos do Pontos pra Voar criamos um cupom especial para você assinar nossos grupos de Programas de Fidelidade e Emissões com até 30% de desconto. Veja os detalhes a seguir. Diferencias dos Nossos Grupos Veja 10 pontos que nos distinguem de outros grupos do mercado: Temos...
Pontos pra Voar
PPV 3 anos! Hoje é o nosso aniversário e o obrigado vai para você, querido leitor!
Há exatos três anos, neste mesmo horário, 12:32h, foi ao ar o primeiro artigo do Pontos pra Voar e tenho muito orgulho do que conseguimos construir em apenas 36 meses. Hoje, somos um dos maiores portais em língua portuguesa sobre programas de fidelidade, cartões de crédito e notícias de viagem...
Pontos pra Voar
Ganhe até 30% de bônus na transferência de pontos da Caixa para o LATAM Pass
Em sua nova promoção, o LATAM Pass e a Caixa estão oferecendo aos seus clientes até 30% de bônus na transferência de pontos. Veja os detalhes abaixo. Bonificação A bonificação está estruturada da seguinte forma: 15% de bônus – Clientes LATAM Pass. 30% de bônus – Clientes Clube LATAM Pass....
Pontos pra Voar
Ganhe até 5 pontos Livelo por real gasto em compras online na Amazon
Aproveite! Livelo e Amazon estão com uma nova oferta oferecendo aos seus clientes até 5 pontos por real gasto em compras online. Na sequência, veja os detalhes desta campanha válida até o dia 15 de março. Pontuação A pontuação turbinada está estruturada da seguinte forma nesta promoção da Livelo com...
Pontos pra Voar
Ganhe até 80% de bônus na transferência de pontos do Banco do Nordeste (BNB) para a Azul – Acumule até 20% de bônus extra por tempo de clube
Azul deu início a mais uma campanha de transferência bonificada. Nesta oferta, está oferecendo aos clientes do Banco do Nordeste (BNB) até 80% de bonificação na transferência de pontos. Além disso, os assinantes do Clube Azul ganham até 20% de bônus extra. Veja todos os detalhes na sequência! Bonificação Para...
Pontos pra Voar
Azul oferece 31% de desconto na transferência de pontos para o ALL Accor – Ganhe até 20% de bônus
Pensando em mandar seus pontos para o ALL Accor? Aproveite, pois a Azul deu início a uma nova campanha de transferência de pontos, na qual oferece aos clientes elegíveis até 31% de desconto no envio dos pontos. Além disso, é possivel ganhar um bônus de até 20% sobre os pontos...