Udemy/Access Bank Advance Africa Scholarship Program

Access Bank and Udacity are awarding 2,000 scholarships in 2022! Apply if you want to enhance your future career or skill set in today’s most sought-after, in-demand tech skills.

The Access Bank and Udacity scholarship program is a great opportunity for African students interested in learning tech-forward skills to kick-start or improve on their careers in the tech industry.

Access Bank and Udemy are proud to provide hands-on learning opportunities in fields such as Business Analytics, Programming, Data Science, Product Management and Digital Marketing. Scholarship recipients will complete a portfolio of real-world projects that demonstrate mastery of highly sought-after tech skills.

About the Access Bank and Udemy Scholarship

Udacity and Access Bank are committed to closing the divide between the number of tech jobs available and the number of Africans working in tech by providing opportunities to those who would not otherwise have them. That starts with ensuring a robust pipeline of trained, talented tech professionals. 

The scholarship will create upskilling opportunities for individuals and give them the skills needed in the digital world. In fact, the tech industry comprises some of the highest growth, most in-demand careers today.


Benefits of the Access Bank and Udemy Scholarship

  • 1,000 Nanodegree program scholarships for Africans to build practical, in-demand, cutting-edge tech skills.
  • Engagement with classmates in a robust, actively managed student community.
  • Subject matter experts and on-demand tutors.

What is a Nanodegree Certificate?

Udacity Nanodegree® Program is a unique online educational offering designed to bridge the gap between learning and career goals. You can earn a Nanodegree Certificate in this program if you win a full Scholarship to the ND program in your chosen track and successfully graduate from the Nanodegree program.

We partner with industry leaders and experts who understand what skills are in demand in the applicable job market. Students enroll in a specific course offering (e.g. Intro to Programming) and will be prompted to view the online course as well as complete a series of projects and support courses designed to help them develop job-relevant skills and build a portfolio to show prospective employers. Services related to the Nanodegree program may include classroom mentorship, moderated forums, and project reviews to ensure a personalized experience.

Additional or different services may be offered in certain Nanodegree Programs which will be noted on their respective Program Details page.

How Udemy Scholarship Program Works:

Phase 1: Challenge Course

10,000 Access Bank Scholarship applicants in the form of 4 rolling cohorts, will be selected to participate in a Challenge Course, with the first cohort beginning in September 2022. Each cohort will consist of 2,500 participants. During this first phase of the scholarship, students work through one of the five initial Challenge Courses that comprise course text, content, and quizzes (no projects) for Business Analytics, Intro to Programming, Programming for Data Science with Python, Product Management, or Digital Marketing over the course of 5 weeks. Learners should be prepared to invest about 3–5 hours per week during this period. Challenge course recipients participating in this initial phase of the program will also engage with classmates in a robust, actively managed, student community.

Phase 2: Nanodegree program

2,000 students in the form of 4 rolling cohorts will be awarded a scholarship to Business Analytics, Intro to Programming, Programming for Data Science with Python, Product Management or Digital Marketing. Each cohort will consist of 250 full scholarships, and the first cohort of winners will begin in October 2022. Access to these Nanodegree programs includes expert project reviews provided by human project reviewers. Applicants should be prepared to invest about 5–10 hours per week for 2 months.


Anyone 20 years of age and above is encouraged to apply. Scholarship recipients should be prepared to invest about 5–10 hours per week during the Nanodegree programs.

Udemy Scholarship prerequisites

Business Analytics:

This is an introductory program and has no prerequisites. In order to succeed, we recommend having experience using a computer and being able to download and install applications.

Introduction to Programming:

In order to succeed, we recommend having experience using the web, being able to perform a search on Google, and (most importantly) the determination to keep pushing forward.

Programming for Data Science with Python:

There are no prerequisites for this program, aside from basic computer skills. You should feel comfortable performing basic operations on your computer (e.g., opening files, folders, and applications, copying and pasting).

Product Manager:

No prior experience with Product Management is required. You will need to be comfortable with basic computer skills, such as managing files, using third-party online programs, and navigating the Internet through an online browser. You will also need access to a video camera on a computer.

Digital Marketing:

Students should have basic computer skills and be comfortable navigating online.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • STEM graduate or demonstrated evidence of strong interest in pursuing IT and Digital career
  • Consistent access to a laptop
  • Consistent access to a strong data network and power supply
  • Commitment to the time required for the program
  • Must give pre-consent during application for Udacity to share data with the bank
  • Recent graduates from School/University or early career professionals are strongly preferred
  • Applicants based in Africa are strongly preferred

Technology Requirements

It is highly recommended to use Udemy’s live compatibility checker to confirm that your device is properly supported in Udacity’s classroom. Click here to test your compatibility now! Note that you will have to log in with a Udacity account in order to be able to test your device’s compatibility.

Udem Scholarship Program Timeline

The timeline for Cohort 1 will be:

  • Applications Accepted: August 2, 2021 – August 31, 2021
  • Challenge Winners announced: September 10, 2021
  • Challenge Course: September 13, 2021- October 18, 2021
  • Scholarship Winners Announced: October 28, 2021
  • Scholarship: October 29, 2021 – December 24, 2021

Cohort 2 applications for the Advance Africa Scholarship Program are open!

  • Applications Accepted: December 1, 2021 – December 29, 2021
  • Challenge Winners Announced: January 7, 2022
  • Challenge Course: January 11, 2022 – February 16, 2022
  • Scholarship Winners Announced: February 25, 2022
  • Scholarship: March 1, 2022 – April 30, 2022


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