Stanford University Scholarships for International Students

Stanford University Scholarships for International Students

If you want to study at a prominent US university like Stanford University on a fully supported scholarship, read on because we’ll walk you through the Stanford University Scholarships in detail, including its benefits and the application procedure step by step in this article.

Stanford University Scholarships are full-fledged international student scholarships. Master’s and doctorate applicants are eligible for these scholarships. The complete cost of tuition, as well as living, travel and academic expenses, is covered by these scholarships.

Stanford University is the world’s second-best university, and applicants are encouraged to apply for Stanford University Scholarships 2022 in the United States. The Fully Funded Undergraduate, Masters, and PhD Degree Programs are now accepting new applicants. Each year, Stanford University accepts 1,700 new undergraduate students and 100 new Masters, PhD, as well as MBA students.

The Stanford students represent a wide range of experiences, ethnicities, and cultures from all around the world and international students from around the world are eligible to apply.

The Knight-Hennessy scholarship at Stanford University cultivates a network of future global leaders that collaborate and innovate to overcome complex challenges. Up to 100 high-achieving students from around the world will be awarded complete support to pursue any graduate degree at Stanford University, including MA, DMA, MFA, JD, MD, MS, MBA, and Ph.D. programs, as well as dual and joint degrees.

There are no academic limits, and the university offers a diverse range of degree programs. You will participate in comprehensive education, leadership development, and global perspective development here.

About Stanford University Scholarships

In 1885, Stanford University was established. It’s a place where people can learn, discover, innovate, express themselves, and communicate. Over the previous 125 years, Stanford has moved with the world, frequently leading the way with new inventions and discoveries.

Stanford University is often considered as one of the world’s top universities. The Knight-Hennessy Scholarship Program in the United States draws qualified students. They organize a diverse community of scholars, provide a platform for intentional leadership development, and equip you to have a large-scale beneficial impact in the world.

The Knight-Hennessy Scholar admission process is meant to help you get to know yourself better and provide you with the necessary skills to make your best outcome for admission – while still making the admission process fun for you.

The cost of attending Stanford University as an international student is around $90,000 USD per academic year, which is a significant financial commitment. This is why 90 percent of international students seeking to study at Stanford as undergraduate or graduate students seek financial aid. Stanford University provides financial assistance in the form of Stanford University scholarships, work-study, grants, and Prodigy Finance.

Stanford University scholarships for international students are now limited to need-based aid, with less than 25% of international applicants receiving funding. Graduate students have more financial resources than undergraduate students, including fellowships, grants and scholarships, as well as program-specific funding. Stanford University distributes 335 million USD for the very same amount each academic year, regardless of student nationality.

Graduate students are also eligible for a number of external Stanford University scholarships, for which they can apply for confirmation of admission. International students must, however, express their interest in internal Stanford University scholarships at the time of acceptance.

Internal Scholarships at Stanford University

Stanford, like many other American universities, offers financial aid in the form of:

• Stanford Scholarships, which are given to first-year students.

• Grants from the United States government

• State Grants, which are awarded directly by the state to deserving students.

• External scholarships awarded by non-profit organizations

Only university scholarships and external scholarships are available to prospective international students. When it comes to Stanford University scholarships, students are only given a limited amount of scholarships based on their financial needs.

According to projections, international students require a far bigger sum to pay for the expense of their education at Stanford, roughly 35 percent more than domestic students (in the case of UG programs). As a result, only about 40% of overseas students with financial needs were accepted into undergraduate and graduate programs.

Undergraduate Scholarships: In addition to need-based scholarships, the university offers 15000 endowment scholarship funds to undergraduate students. While international students were previously not covered by these funds, the situation has since improved. Around 85 percent of Stanford’s endowment scholarships go to international students.

Graduate Scholarship: Stanford Dhirubhai Ambani Scholarship, Knight Hennessy Scholarship, AMA Medical Scholarship, and other program-specific scholarships are available to international students starting graduate programs at Stanford University.

In addition to internal need-based scholarships, Stanford University has implemented several strategies to stay accessible to new and returning students. Stanford University has increased the minimum pay for graduate student assistantships and removed the home equity part from the UG financial aid calculation in the last two years.

Application Process for Stanford University Scholarships

Because of the limited amount of scholarships and funding available, overseas applicants must state their scholarship needs as part of their admissions application.

Students must also receive an ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) or a Social Security Number (SSN). Transfer, regular, and restrictive international students have different application timelines for Stanford undergraduate programs.

External Scholarships at Stanford University

The university admits that roughly 20% of international applicants are turned down due to financial constraints. Knowing this, a number of deserving and high-achieving students seeking financial aid at Stanford University hesitate to apply for undergraduate and graduate degrees.

The university accepts a variety of external funding schemes to help these international students. These awards are distinct from Stanford University scholarships and are based on academic and extracurricular performance.

Because every one of these external scholarships does have its own application process and deadlines, applicants should thoroughly research each choice. Additionally, external scholarship recipients would not be regarded for Stanford University scholarships or funding.

Stanford University is well-known for attracting top students from all over the world. To expand the number of international students enrolled in its undergraduate and graduate programs, Stanford University strives to strengthen its financial alternatives for international students, whether through Stanford University scholarships, grants, or assistantships. It aims to be able to provide these students a fair chance to study at Stanford.

Benefits of the Standard University Scholarship

The following are the benefits of receiving a Stanford University Scholarship:

1. A stipend to cover the cost of an economy-class ticket to and from Stanford for one annual trip.

2. A stipend to cover living and educational costs (such as room and board, local transportation, books, instructional materials, academic supplies, and reasonable personal expenses).

3. A grant that is applied immediately to tuition and associated costs (in accordance with the regular departmental level of enrolment).

4. The Knight-Hennessy Scholars program does not normally cover fees that your Stanford home department pays for its students, such as subscriptions or lab equipment.

Note: Knight-Hennessy Scholars could also apply for supplementary grants to help them with their academic pursuits (e.g. conference travel).

Eligibility Criteria for Stanford University Scholarships

The following are the eligibility requirements for Stanford University Scholarships:

• English is a required language.

• Eligible Countries: The Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program is open to all countries in the world.

• You must be able to seek out new information and experiences, be creative, understand ambiguous circumstances, and can take a critical or contrarian viewpoint.

• You must finish not only your Knight-Hennessy Scholars application, but also the entire application process, which includes any standardized tests required by your graduate degree program (GMAT, LSAT, GRE, MCAT, etc.) as well as an English proficiency test if necessary.

• You must be ambitious in the true sense of the word, eager to learn and grow.

• To study at Stanford, you must be fluent in English ( reading, listening, speaking, and writing). The TOEFL is accepted by all Stanford graduate degree programs, and the MBA program additionally accepts the IELTS and PTE.

• You must apply to and be accepted into a full-time Stanford graduate degree program in addition to applying to Knight-Hennessy Scholars.

• Each incoming Knight-Hennessy Scholar should be a first student enrolled in a Stanford graduate program, such as the MBA, DMA, MD, JD, MA, MPP, MFA, MS, or PhD.

How to Apply for Stanford University Scholarships

To be considered for this scholarship, follow the steps below:

1. Create an account and begin your application online.

2. An online admissions application must be completed and submitted (including academic and personal information). Basic biographical and demographic information, as well as descriptions of your interests and activities, will be requested by the university.

3. You must submit the necessary paperwork.

Official Stanford University Scholarships Website

Please visit the official Stanford University Scholarships website for additional information on how to apply:


Stanford Institution is a private research university in the United States, located in Stanford, California. The University has evolved into a world-class research institution. Medicine, Humanities & Sciences, Law,  Education, Engineering, Earth, and Business are among the 18 institutes. It has 20 libraries with a total of 9.5 million volumes. It spends almost $1.6 billion on research each year.

It currently has 16,424 students enrolled and 4,478 academic faculty members. Stanford has produced numerous notable alumni, including Herbert Hoover, the former President of the United States. It now has 19 Nobel Laureates and 30 living billionaires among its ranks.

Stanford University is one of the world’s largest campuses (8,180 acres), making it a hot spot of cultures and communities. Almost all of the university’s undergraduates and a significant portion of its graduate students reside on campus. For decades, Stanford has been ranked among the top five universities in the world. It is now ranked second in the QS World Rankings, only behind MIT.


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