Top 15 Totally Free Online Business Management Courses with Certifications

For entrepreneurs and business owners willing to take their careers and businesses to the next level, this article is specially dedicated to you? These free online business management courses listed below are challenging, inspiring and are tailored to your career stage and professional goals. The courses will help to enhance your business and leadership skills with a comprehensive learning journey prepared to fit your needs and aspirations and interestingly, you can learn at your own pace.

Are you an aspiring, new or seasoned leader? Develop the leadership and management skills to get things done and bring out the best in your team. The courses in this article will teach you how to acquire management skills, leadership styles, and the fundamentals of a business management certification.

In recent years, upskilling your business career to the next level has become easier as online and on-campus management classes are having a significant impact. The traditional academic system generally offers non-flexible course options with fixed semester schedules. In online classes, they are very convenient as you get to attend them at your own pace and time. If you’re too busy with work and other commitments, you can learn from the comfort of your home.

Business management is a perfect way to jumpstart your career, climb the corporate ladder, and give yourself a competitive edge. From accounting to marketing and finance, studying these classes offers different approaches to management within the business industry. You can acquire the valuable skills needed to succeed in any business-related sphere. Indeed, online classes, in general, are very useful now more than ever, considering the global health crisis that is keeping most of the world’s population inside their homes.

Want to excel at finance or managing people? Our online business and management courses will help you. Below are 7 Free online courses for business management. By enrolling and completing these web-based training programs, you acquire in-depth and specialized business knowledge and can advance professionally without breaking the bank!

Table of content

  1. Tactics and Strategies for Entrepreneurs
  2. Fundamentals of Accounting
  3. Economic Analysis for Business Decision
  4. Introduction to Operation Management
  5. Financing Options for Small Businesses
  6. Introduction to Human Resource Management
  7. Entrepreneurial Marketing
  8. Supply Chain Dynamics
  9. Global Business in Practice
  10. Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies
  11. Improving your Business through a Culture of Health
  12. Retail Fundamentals
  13. Structuring Business Agreement for Success
  14. Leadership and Followership
  15. Effective Business Writing

#1 Tactics and Strategies for Entrepreneurs (

The free online class teaches startups and businesses about obtaining customer behavior data to drive web traffic and conversions. It focuses on how digital presence should be utilized to result in consumer engagement and trust, and eventually benefit the business through revenue. These online classes will run for lesser hours.

Throughout the course of the discussion, you will learn the myths and misconceptions of strategic planning page optimization based on keyword research, and content strategy. Towards the conclusion of the lesson, you will be taught to make the most out of SEO tactics and evaluate the results of the strategies.


#2 Fundamentals of Accounting (

If you can acquire new business knowledge and skills to become a better entrepreneur, why not? For reviewing accounting documents and learning about bookkeeping management, this online business class has got you covered. Accounting involves the monitoring of income and expenditures, providing for a quantitative financial record that can be utilized in the decision-making process. Accounting knowledge is also a must in creating a budget, ensuring statutory compliance and evaluating business performance.

This online class also presents the numerous journals and ledger tools for analyzing discrepancies in the daily bookkeeping activity. Paid certificates are also available in three types: Digital, framed and security marked formats.


#3 Economic Analysis for Business Decision (

But what is the market? Is it a place, a product or a service? Which seller?, Which buyer? With economic analysis, the strength and weaknesses of an economy or business can be analyzed. These issues are essential to grasp the current condition of a particular economy and the services one’s business provides.

The online courses offer readings/lecture notes, exams and assignments. You can as well test yourself on the knowledge of analytical tools that impact the economic decision-making process. There will also be an analytical study of individual market behaviors, cost concepts, government regulatory policies, and economic implications on business practices that are considered in microeconomic choices.


#4 Introduction to Operation Management (

For effective operation management, you need to take into account critical factors such as revenue increase, product quality, cost elimination, and customer satisfaction. This online business management class is provided through a course timeline. You will acquire knowledge about the business fundamentals of analyzing and improving services through a systematic process.

The syllabus covers key elements of processing analysis, increasing productivity and quality service. These free classes can equip business owners and the entire workforce with the essential know-how.


#5 Financing Options for Small Businesses (

Financing options are beneficial for small entrepreneurs who anticipate the short-term financing needs of a business. This allows aspiring business owners the opportunity to fund their enterprise from different potential sources such as loans, investors, venture capital, and other financial options. It is a self-place web-based training that provides lectures and exercises on the subject.

This online course presents the advantages and disadvantages of each financing source to make your business profitable.


#6 Introduction to Human Resource Management (

This is for business aspirants who aim to expand their business beyond a one-person operation. Human resource management plays an essential role in an organization. They are in charge of the general recruitment process and training of the workforce. It also focuses on performance management and ensures an active work environment which is important in any business culture.

As an online business student, you will learn about human resource management, its process and scope. It will also help you understand its role in performance management, explain the hiring and retention strategies.


#7 Entrepreneurial Marketing (

What and how am I selling to whom? How do I best leverage my limited marketing resources? Entrepreneurial marketing courses will answer these questions for small entrepreneurs. It involves a proactive marketing approach to bring new products and services to the market.

This course discusses marketing concepts, methods, and strategic issues in starting entrepreneurs. It also gives a thorough understanding of marketing issues confronted by entrepreneurs, identification and evaluation of marketing opportunities, achieving competitive advantage, and sales tools useful in an entrepreneurial settings.


#8 Supply Chain Dynamics (

Supply chain management dynamics involve a cross-functional approach that includes managing the movement of raw materials into an organization. This course will guide you in all aspects of the internal processing of materials into finished goods to satisfy your teaming customers. 

First, you’ll be introduced to the field of System Dynamics. Developed at MIT, system dynamics is an approach that examines and models complex systems that feature interacting, non-linear, and dynamic elements. The objective is to better understand the underlying features of a complex system and to recommend policies and other actions to improve overall performance.

Second, you will learn the concepts of supply chain risk. Supply chains are subject to a wide number of potential disruptions – from both within and outside of the supply chain. Students will understand how supply chains can be better designed and managed to not only mitigate the downside of supply chain disruption but also to leverage and capture any upside.

Lastly, the students will engage in a series of more extended case studies and simulations that demonstrate these complex relationships. Actual case studies and examples from companies will be used to help students better prepare for actual situations.


#9 Global Business in Practice (

Global businesses have become a conduit for cultural understanding the exchange of new ideas, enhance communication and improved products and services. This program will train you on how to explore business environments and cultures across the globe in both developed and emerging economies.

It will equip you on how to become a conscientious decision-maker and also improve your knowledge of international business development, politics and social situations. You will understand the horizontal nature of practical problem solving rather than the vertical work and learning that traditionally happens in functional silos.

Through this course, you will come to explicitly understand that globalization affects every country regardless of its economic, political or social situation. In this context, as countries endeavor to adapt their policies to new demands, companies deploy strategies to attain an increasingly globally integrated production system. The globalized world forces us to seek and develop appropriate ways to undergo this process. Today, discussions about the advantages and disadvantages of globalization are insignificant and unimportant in the face of the great need to determine the essential conditions for countries, companies and individuals to really benefit from it.


#10 Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies (

Do you want to explore how entrepreneurship can tackle social problems? If yes, then search no more because This course focuses on the importance of the institutional context in shaping the nature of entrepreneurship in emerging markets. More specifically, the course will address the high degree of institutional uncertainty which often acts as a barrier to young entrepreneurs.

The course also highlighted some of the issues related to financing, scaling up of operations, branding, the management of property rights, and the creation of appropriate metrics for assessing progress and social value, in the fast-growing but institutionally compromised settings of emerging markets.


#11 Improving Your Business Through a Culture of Health (

As a business-minded person, do you want to be skillful in solving environmental business-related problems? Grab this opportunity by enrolling in this program. Simply put, a culture of health is a workplace culture that supports health improvement. The Prius is designed to train you on how to create a healthy workplace environment for your business, staff and customers. Moreso, it places emphasis on placing well-being at the center of every aspect of our lives.

Strengthening your business using the Culture of Health approach will enhance the greater good by promoting well-being—benefitting society, your business and employees, your customers and communities, and you.


#12 Retail Fundamentals (

Learn key components of the retail business, including forecasting, inventory management, product assortment planning and pricing policy. This course is a sub-discipline of the general field of management that deals with overseeing the distribution and selling of products directly to customers, in a specific vending points such as shops, chain stores, markets and malls.

You will learn about the different challenges that retailers face and have the opportunity to explore methods and techniques available to address these challenges. You will also have access to simulation tools to better internalize the concepts.

The course will take a hands-on, problem-driven approach that will help you understand and put into practice the concepts you learn. At the end of the course, you will be able to make better decisions at every step of the retail process.


#13 Structuring Business Agreement for Success (

Are you a management student? Do you know the components of a business agreement? Can you bridge the information gaps necessary to meet the needs of contracting parties? This online course explores the laws, principles and guidelines to structure a successful business deal geared towards satisfying the need of all contracting parties involved.

In this course, we have brought three Cornell Law professors and several practicing attorneys together to provide you with a select range of topics that will serve as a foundation for structuring successful contracts. Together, they possess a wealth of knowledge and experience as legal scholars and distinguished law practitioners.

You will begin with a brief overview of the framework within which laws and contracts are enforced. You will then focus on various kinds of contract provisions that enable and support successful agreements. You will gain greater familiarity with legal terms and concepts involved in deals, making collaboration with legal counsel more effective.


#14 Leadership and Followership (

There are many reasons to sign up for this course; the program addresses issues and provides a meta-paradigmatic perspective on an integral understanding of leadership and followership. Followership has an important connection with leadership and you’ll find out more about what makes a good follower and how leaders can develop their followers to create more productive relationships and encourage them to consider leadership roles in the future.

If you’re interested in finding out more about leadership, from the perspective of a leader or a follower, then this free course, Leadership and Followership will help you. Working through this course will help you to explore what makes a good leader, recognize common leadership challenges, and identify the skills you need to develop if you want to enhance your own leadership experience.


#15 Effective Business Writing (

Are you a business-oriented person and yet has got challenges in written communication? Panic less because this course has got you covered and will be very helpful in addressing your challenges and fear. Good business writing inspires confidence in you and your business. With impending deadlines and spell check, it is easy to get careless and make mistakes, but in order to establish credibility and trustworthiness, each piece of writing must be well-written.

This course will help you learn to organize your writing so the process of composing a business letter, email, or report is smoother and faster.

Not only will this course help you learn how to organize your writing, but it will also teach you how to choose the best format for your message, organize the information so it’s easy to read, and condense content for the most effective messaging.


From Accounting Management to Effective Business Writing, and everything in-between, these free online courses will equip business management students with new knowledge and updated skills.


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