HillCity Foundation Scholarship

Hillcity Foundation is a Nigerian-based non-profit organization established with the primary purpose of adding value to young people’s lives in a sustainable manner. The organization has taken upon itself the vision of developing young and talented Nigerian youths to explore their maximum potential, by offering scholarships to Nigerian undergraduates in need of financial assistance.

The scholarship is an enabling opportunity for financially challenged undergraduate students to benefit as beneficiaries of the Hillcity Foundation Scholarship and expected to have a fulfilling life by maximizing their potential and fulfilling their dreams and destinies.

About Hillcity Foundation Scholarship

HillCity Foundation was inaugurated in March 2004 and registered in Nigeria in 2006 as a non-profit organization with a global goal of adding value to the lives of Nigerian youths.
The founder Engr. Obi Imemba discovered that the antisocial behaviors in young people are attributed to lives that are uninformed, unfocused, frustrated, hopeless, and confused. Hence he was compelled to take action, believing that every young person needs hope, love, care, direction, motivation, and support, in order to discover, develop and deploy their potential maximally.

The foundation has since its inception supported several hundreds of young people in Nigeria and recently Uganda towards building a great, sustainable and fulfilling future.

The foundation has 4 axes of impact which it uses to achieve the program’s goals:

  • Educational support programme – the program supports young undergraduates to attain quality education by supporting them to achieve their dream and fulfill their destiny
  • Mentorship programme – the foundation operates with a mindset that young persons need guidance and mentorship hence the mentorship program. Young persons will have the opportunity to harness their full potential and bring out the best in them. Each recipient of the Hillcity foundation is assigned a mentor to guide them through their journey.
  • Economic empowerment programme – The Hillcity Foundation Program supports talented young people whose goal in life is to become successful entrepreneurs by providing them with start-up capital to fund their business ideas.
  • Self-discovery programme – the Hillcity foundation organizes several seminars and workshops for educated youths at all levels. These seminars and workshops are dedicated to helping young talents discover their purpose in life.

Eligibility Criteria

Before you apply for the Hillcity Foundation Scholarship, kindly check if you satisfy the following eligibility criterias. Applicant:

  • Must be a Nigeria citizen
  • Must be an undergraduate student in a Federal or State Tertiary Institution
  • Must be referred by a Core Team member, Selected person, groups or organization must be approved by the executive committee.
  • Must be below the age of 25 at the time of application.
  • Must have successfully passed SSCE.
  • Must be fully subscribed to HCF Mentorship Program.
  • Must have a genuine need for the scholarship, this is accessed by the foundation executive committee.
  • Will have to complete the Hillcity Educational Support application.

How to Apply for the Hillcity Foundation Scholarship

Interested candidates should folllow the following steps to successfully apply for the Hillcity Foundation Scholarship program:

  • Create a profile on the official scholarship website
  • Fill out all the required personal and academic form data
  • Upload all necessary documents

Required Document for the Hillcity Foundation Scholarship

  • Passport Photograph
  • Birth Certificate
  • SSCE Result
  • JAMB Admission Letter
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • School ID Card
  • Signed Result/Evidence of CGPA by Your HOD
  • Letter of Identification from Your Department


All successful applicants will be contacted by the scholarship committee for an interview or aptitude test.


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