Drake University Presidential Scholarships. How to Apply

Drake Scholarship is one of the numerous scholarship opportunities available to people who cannot or are finding really difficult to pay their university tuition fees.

For international students looking for an opportunity to have a degree through tuition-sponsored academics, you may want to consider giving serious consideration to the Drake Scholarships which is a brainchild of Drake University, Lowa, in the United States.

Drake University offers a wide range of fully-funded scholarship opportunities to reward aspiring and hardworking students for their talents, regardless of where these talents are displayed.

The scholarship awarded is based on a number of criteria that depend on the nature of the scholarship and not on the financial requirements.

While this article is meant to inform you about the Drake Scholarship opportunities, it will also focus on educating you about all the requirements you must meet to be eligible for this award.

So sit back, relax and I will take you through everything you need to know about the Drake University Scholarship Opportunities.

About Drake University

Drake University is a private university in Des Moines, Iowa, United States. The institution offers undergraduate and graduate programs. They also offer professional programs in business, law, and pharmacy. Historically, Drake’s Law School is one of the oldest law schools in the United States of America. The institution was established in the year 1881 with an area of about 105 acres. Drake has more than 3,000 undergraduate students and 1,800 graduate students from 45 states and more than 42 countries. In addition, Drake offers a range of training programs for professionals, community members, and regional companies.

Available Amount for Students’ Financial Assistance

For freshmen and new students arriving at the Drake University, the standard financial aid plan for their first years is about $32,631. According to statistics, about 100.0% of new students at the university get scholarships and grants for their financial aid.

Types Of Drake University Scholarships and Grants

The stats listed below make reference to help which is given by Drake University.

100.0% of first-year students (758 total) were awarded scholarships at Drake University, averaging $22,437 apiece. This puts it in the top 20th percentile of all colleges nationwide.

140 freshman students got federal grant aid. About 18.0% of Drake freshmen got grants of around $5,512 each recipient.

Drake Presidential Scholarship: Award $20,000-$23,000 Annually

The Presidential Drake scholarships range from $22,000 to $26,000 a year. The application is open to prospective students who have applied for and have been admitted to the Univesity before the March 1 deadline.

The recipients of these study grants will be selected on merit based on the basis of a full review of the application for admission.

National Alumni Grants: Award – $10,000

The Drake University National Alumni Association (NAS) is the University’s most prestigious and competitive scholarship awarded to students with outstanding first-year students entering directly from high school who meet all criteria and complete the full application process. The 2022 National Alumni Scholarship program will be held virtually.

The national alumni scholarship process is competitive and awards are awarded through the National Alumni Scholarship Program. The National Alumni Scholarship awards annually:


In order to apply to compete for these scholarship awards, a student must be entering directly from high school and have a cumulative GPA of 3.8 or above on a 4.0 scale OR rank in the top five percent of their class (weighted GPAs are accepted).

In addition, our National Alumni Scholars are students who demonstrate achievements in other areas such as outstanding academic performance, often recognized by their school, state, or the national level; take responsibility and serve in leadership positions across a variety of activities or organizations making positive contributions to the greater good. Our scholars are students who demonstrate a strong work ethic and commitment to their extracurriculars, work experiences and/or volunteer engagements. Scholars show initiative and creativity through trying something new or unexpected and in how they overcame a hardship or adversity. Finally, scholars demonstrate a passion for their work and their studies. They have a love of learning evident in their achievements and expanding their own world.

Benefits of the National Alumni Scholarship at Drake University

  • One full tuition National Alumni Scholarship to Drake University. This award supersedes any other partial tuition scholarship offered.  
  • Three Carpenter Scholarships of $10,000 applied towards tuition at Drake University. The recipients will be the top three semi-finalists who complete their participation in a scholarship interview* and National Alumni Scholarship Day program*. This award can be stacked on top of a student’s Presidential Scholarship (which ranges from $22,000-$26,000). However, the Carpenter Scholarship supersedes the Trustee Scholarship.
  • Trustee Scholarships of $3,000 toward tuition at Drake University are awarded to scholarship semi-finalists who complete their participation in a scholarship interview* and virtual National Alumni Scholarship program*. This award can be stacked on top of a student’s Presidential Scholarship (which ranges from $22,000-$26,000).

National Merit Scholarships: Award-$2,000

The national merit scholarships range from $1,000 a year for non-financial students to $2,000 a year for students in need of financial proof.

New students who rank as National Merit finalists and who have indicated Drake University as their first-choice institution may be considered for Drake-sponsored scholarships. Students who receive a corporate-sponsored National Merit Scholarship are not eligible for a Drake-sponsored National Merit Scholarship

Drake University Athletic Scholarships-Award:$5,000

Athletic scholarships are offered to outstanding sports students in both men’s and women’s sports. Men’s scholarships are awarded in basketball, football, athletics, cross-country skiing, golf, and tennis.

While women’s scholarships are available in the same fields as men, plus volleyball, softball, and rowing.

Law Scholarships

Drake Law School awards more than $6million annually in scholarship assistance.

Scholarships are only offered to full-time students enrolled in the J.D. program. Most scholarships are renewable for all three years based on academic achievement.

For information about Drake Law School’s scholarship retention, see the Law School’s ABA Required Disclosures.

Dwight D. Opperman Scholarships

The Opperman Scholar Program was endowed by a gift from Dwight D. Opperman, LW’51, and provides up to three full-tuition scholarships for outstanding entering students each year.

Additionally, the program provides an annual stipend in the amount of $10,000. Visit the official Website

Joseph H. Morris Scholarship

The Joseph H. Memorial Fund was established in 1976 to assist financially needy students with disabilities. Each year, this fund provides scholarships that Drake Law students can use for tuition and room and board charges.

Consideration is also given for books and supplies, tutoring, social equipment, and other items if the applicant’s account is paid in full.

The number and amount of awards given will vary each year, depending upon the earnings of the fund. Morris Scholarships are only available to students with documented disabilities or to fund capital equipment of facility projects used directly by students with disabilities.

Eligible students must be certified by the University’s Coordinator of Student Disability Services.

Opportunity Scholarships

The Law School awards scholarships each year to entering students who are from educationally, economically, or socially disadvantaged backgrounds, or who demonstrate that their enrollment will significantly contribute to the diversity of the student body. Additionally, the applicant must show financial need.

Opportunity Scholarships range from 1/4 to full-tuition awards. Each award is renewable for the second and third years of law school provided the student is enrolled full-time.

Students may submit applications based on either disadvantage or diversity or both.

You can access more information about Drake grants by clicking on the following link.


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