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News movies & tv series 01 November 2023, 14:41

author: Zbigniew Woznicki

'Star Wars is My Religion;' Rebels Co-creator Reveals Thought on Live-action Versions of His Characters

Star Wars: Rebels isn't just about Dave Filoni. Co-creator Simon Kinberg told in an interview what the debut of the created characters in live-action versions is for him, which was made possible by Ahsoka.

Source: Star Wars: Rebels; Simon Kinberg, Dave Filoni, Carrie Beck; Disney XD; 2014

Today, Dave Filoni is considered one of the most important people involved in the development of the Star Wars universe. The creator began his career with animated shows and one of the latest is Star Wars: Rebels. Unfortunately, Simon Kinberg, who contributed greatly to the adventures of Ezra Bridger, Sabine Wren and Hera Syndulla is often overlooked (vide Inverse).

The filmmaker stated that "Star Wars is my religion and I had a chance to write some verses of the Bible". It should be remembered that Simon Kinberg was responsible for the creation of a large part of the scripts for subsequent episodes of Star Wars: Rebels and oversaw the writing of all the scripts. Kinberg was very involved, so the appearance of well-known characters as live actors in Ahsoka meant a lot to him.:

"There are many reasons why the appearance of characters from Rebels in Ahsoka was exciting. It's something I never imagined when we created our show."

Simon Kinberg also mentioned his collaboration with David Filoni, which was to be one of the best experiences of the creator's career. Filoni was responsible for the creation of Ahsoka, which was just an additional element of why Kinberg liked the new Star Wars show so much:

"Our collaboration on the series was really great. Which leads to another thing I'm excited about: not only seeing the character in a live-action adaptation, but also seeing Dave finding himself in the role I knew he was capable of."

Kinberg will still have a chance to see the characters he's been involved in creating as actors. After all, Dave Filoni is set to make a movie in which fans of the Star Wars will see how the storylines from The Book of Boba Fett, The Mandalorian and Ahsoka come together as a whole.

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