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News video games 01 November 2023, 14:15

author: Marcin Przala

Cyberpunk Will Follow Path Set by The Witcher Games; CD Projekt has Clear Plan

CD Projekt hopes that the Cyberpunk series will develop similarly to The Witcher brand, which has undergone a long and highly successful transformation on its way to the top of gaming.

Source: CD Projekt RED.

Developers of Cyberpunk, CD Projekt Red, indicate that they want the brand they are developing to follow the same path they went with The Witcher (via PC Gamer).

Recall that the series of adventures about Geralt went from a good, but rather clumsy and "wooden" first part to a colossus of the RPG genre in less than nine years - starting in 2007. Already after the release of the second game, i.e. Assassins of Kings, CD Projekt gained worldwide fame, and with the arrival of Wild Hunt it provided the world with one of the most acclaimed games in the history of digital entertainment.

"Looking at The Witcher games and how much they changed with each installment, we want a similar evolution here," said the narrative director of Cyberpunk, Igor Sarzynski, in a recent interview with PC Gamer.

What does this mean? Looking at the series about the monster slayer, we can hope that the next installment of Cyberpunk will only see the light of day when the developers are confident that the title will offer a small revolution, which will redefine the game industry - at least in certain aspects - as it did with the release of The Witcher 2 and 3.

Let me remind you that the former offered a unique narrative that at one point gave players a choice of two completely different story paths, while in turn Wild Hunt redefined open world design in AAA titles.

Following this line further, Cyberpunk 2077 should be viewed as a foundation that, while solid, still needs significant improvements in design - even radical ones. In particular, in terms of the interactivity of the world and its response to the protagonist's actions, the two most frequently cited problems of Cyberpunk 2077.

It was the former element that was the theme that came up most often in the developer's conversation with PC Gamer about Cyberpunk. This suggests that devs at CDP recognize the need to develop and refine the illusion of a living world - area, which was the Achilles' heel of the original title.

However, to see what the successor of Cyberpunk 2077 - referred to as Project Orion - will ultimately turn out to be we will have to wait quite a while. The priority for CD Projekt now is another The Witcher game, known under the codename Polaris.

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