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News video games 01 November 2023, 15:09

author: Marcin Przala

Steam to Expand Parental Control Options

According to creator of SteamDB, developers at Valve are currently working on expanding the parental control options on Steam, which will add two useful features.

Source: Steam/Valve.

Creator of popular analytics website SteamDB, Pavel Djundik, announced via Twitter/X, that Valve is moving to introduce an expanded parental control mode on its platform.

Valve is to introduce, first of all, two new options for those using the family mode, which, on the one hand, will improve the control of a child's activities on Steam, and on the other hand, will help kids transparently communicate their gaming needs.

  • The first option is to enable the caregivers to set a daily limit on the amount of time their kids can spend playing.
  • The second concerns requests from children, who will be able to inform their parents via the platform that they want a particular game.

Let me remind you that in the current version - both in the app and on the - on Steam website there is a so-called family mode, through which it is only possible to block access to some elements of the platform. The restriction can include the store, friends list, selected games (or all of them), as well as social options.

During this mode, access to previously blocked functions can be obtained only by entering a four-digit PIN code, which was set by the account owner or its guardian.

You can read more about the currently functioning parental controls on Steam here.

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